Shokubutsu Assorted Active Guard Hand Wash 220ml (Sell By Per Bottle) (Deep Cleanse,Soothing Fresh,Moisturizing)
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Hand Wash

Wash hands often to prevent bacteria growth. "Clean hand, clean health"

Double Protection with Plant Pre-biotics 

(1) Kills 99% bad bacteria

(2) Keeps good skin bacteria* that exists naturally on skin to reinforce skin natural protection Laboratory results from Hygiene and Micribiology Research Center, Japan

Plant Pre-biotics is known to naturally stimulate growth of good skin bacteria thereby strengthening skin resilience against infectious germs and protect skin naturally


Soothing Fresh with chamomile extract

- Cleanses hands thoroughly and soothes your tired skin

- Freshens your hands with a pleasant scent especially after food handling

Moisturizing Care with Aloe Vera Extract

- Cleanses hands gently and leaves skin soft (Most suitable for frequent use, safe even on young ones)

- Best recommended variant to start cultivating frequent handwashing habit among young kids

Deep Cleanse with active proguard formula

- Effectively removes stubborn dirt and grease from your hands.

- Gives a significantly clean and refreshed feel after washing

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