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Marmite is more than just a spread. Love it or hate it, the world over knows Marmite. Easily enjoyed with a squeezable packaging at any time of the day, whether on toast for breakfast, in sandwiches at lunchtime, or as an added ingredient in stews and casseroles. Marmite is rich in vitamin B complex and a great source of folic acid and has historically been used for remedial purposes.

About the brand Back in the 19th century before Marmite was even called Marmite it was discovered by a chap named Justus Von Liebig. And in 1990, Marmite Limited – which had become a subsidiary of Bovril Limited – was bought by CPC International Inc, CPC later changed name to Bestfoods and subsequently merged with Unilever in 2000. Marmite however kept its name and never changed recipes, it would seem yeast paste is not as complicated as business.

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