Fashion Classic Octagonal Aluminum Mocha Coffee Pot Quick heating Rapid Stovetop Coffee Brewer Espresso Maker Moka Pot
Fashion Classic Octagonal Aluminum Mocha Coffee Pot Quick heating Rapid Stovetop Coffee Brewer Espresso Maker Moka Pot
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*1. Mocha coffee pot is made of aluminum material, resistant to high temperature and fall, easy to clean

*2. Fine workmanship, good thermal conductivity

*3.Durable cast aluminum body in the classic octagonal shape.

*4.This espresso maker makes espresso making process becomes easier and enjoyable.

     It is used on gas or electric stovetops.

*5.Designed to heat quickly and evenly, this stove top savior helps you create the most delectable hot                 beverages.

     Fill your home with the rich, smooth aromas of your favorite brew, in any style you like to drink it.


*1. Put fresh water in the lower pot and do not exceed the safety valve.

*2. Pour the ground coffee powder into the filter bowl and flatten it with a coffee powder scoop.

*3. Place the upper pot on the lower pot and tighten the threads properly.

*4. Place the mocha pot on a gas lighter, alcohol stove.

*5. When there is water boiling, use a small fire to cook, wait a little 2 minutes to remove the mocha pot from the fire source, so that the brewed coffee is very fragrant.

*6. Pour the brewed coffee into the coffee cup and adjust it to enjoy a good life!


1. Material: aluminum

2. Color: 1 cup 50 ml 

3. Principle: extracting coffee with high temperature steam

4. For coffee beans: deep-roasted espresso

Cleaning method:

*1. After the coffee maker has cooled down, unscrew the upper pot, remove the funnel, pour off the coffee residue, and tap the funnel several times to pour the residual coffee ground in the middle of the funnel.

*2. Wash with water and wipe dry. Do not wash with sand and soda, which will damage the surface.

*3. For long-term use, the bottom will change color due to hard water, and it can be removed by mixing with water.

*4. After each cup of coffee, clean the silicone ring or rubber ring inside the cup.


*1. Before using the newly purchased moka pot, at least three times with water.

*2. Mocha pots are not suitable for keeping coffee and re-cooking.

*3. Remember not to cook on a heating unit without water.

*4. Always use ground coffee powder.

*5. When using gas cooking, do not open the fire too much to avoid burning the handle.

*6. Do not exceed the safety valve in the lower cup. When the water is boiling, the gas will be sprayed out from the safety valve, and the safety valve will lose its safety protection.

*7. When filling the coffee powder, do not fill it, just flatten the surface, because excessive filling may cause the coffee to come out.

*8. Before using the coffee cup, it is best to use hot water to keep the coffee temperature.

*9.Pay attention to the upper apron, the apron is divided into two sides, do not reverse it! That will seal the leaks! 

Packing List: Octagonal coffee cup *1

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