Healthy Nest Concentrated Bird Nest 75ml
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Healthy Nest Marketing

Healthy Nest Concentrated Bird Nest 75ml

Healthy Nest Marketing,

Concentrated Bird Nest Benefits:

  • One of the powerful herbs to neutralize the poisons over the body
  • Source of food nutrient to maintain the skin health
  • One of the best medicines to help the new cells growth which are more active in the body
  • Balance the energy and increase the immunity
  • Health the lung and make live longer

The research done on bird nest found that it has multiple nutrients. They are protein, carbo, water, organic chemical, fat, ovotransferrin protein, amino acid, leusine, phosphorus, potassium, natrium, and serine. It also has a very useful nutrient of cell division inducing hormone and epidermal growth factor which influence the differentiation and regeneration of the cells.


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Healthy Nest Concentrated Bird Nest 75ml