Healthy Green Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 275ml
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Healthy Green Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is among the healthiest and most versatile of dietary oils in the world.  Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid that is formed into monolaurin in the human body to destroy viruses and support good health.

Coconut oil also helps in cell regeneration.  Your body will be able to replace old cells with newer healthier cells more quickly. Coconut oil also promotes ant-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity.

Organic coconut oil is also good for your heart.  It helps you feel less fatigued and supports health thyroid function.

It also works as a beauty agent.  It is a key ingredient in beauty products because of its antibacterial properties and also acts as a great moisturizer.

For centuries, virgin coconut oil has been used for improving skin texture due to its hydrating properties.  It helps in firmness and hydration of the face and body.  It is also known to help in hair care as it nourishes damaged hair and promotes hair growth.

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