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[HALAL] Baking Paper Non-Stick Microwave Oven Cook Tools ( Kertas Minyak ) Kertas Kek 5M 10M 20M 50M
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Baking Paper

Made of FOOD GRADE wooden paper, environmental-friendly, safe and healthy.

(ISO CERTIFIED) Certified HALAL Paper Source from Indonesia ( Sumber kertas dari Indonesia )

Product Made In Malaysia ( Buatan Malaysia )

Non Stick ( Anti Lekat )

High Heat-Resistant Up to 230'C ( Kalis Panas Sehingga 230'C )

Waterproof ( Kalis Air )

Oil-proof ( Kalis Minyak )

Attached Cutter For Easy Tear ( Datang dengan Pemotong Bergigi , Senang Dikoyak )

4 Variation - 5 M , 10M , 20M, 50M ( 4 Variasi )


-Use for lining cookie sheets, cake pans, baking pans, lasagna dishes. Reheat pizza, bake fish and French fries in the oven. Wrap cooked foods before reheating to keep them from drying out or wrap paneer, meat patty, cutlets. before keeping in fridge to maintain moisture. Eliminates the need to grease/oil the pans before baking and cuts down cleaning time

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